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Back to September 2015 Hungry Ghost Festival Offerings /  2015年 9月 庆祝盂兰盆节 Donors List for September 2015 Event Note: Listing as per updated on 27 August 2015 and based on contributions from Malaysia and Singapore. Other listing would be updated once available. Sadhu for your kind contribution. Singapore สิงคโปร์ Origin Donor Name 1 SINGAPORE 吴安词 黄生声 [...]

Name List for Donation for Temple Construction and Expenses

Sadhu for your kind and generous support. Below is the appended donation list, updated as of 21 July 2015. The funds have received by Khun Mae and gratefully being used to pay off the fees from the makro (machinery), workers, partially cost of raw materials and temple expenses. The construction is not complete but Khun Mae [...]

About Khun Mae father

View 读在华语版 The land in which the current Samathidhammaram Centre resides was donated by Khun Mae’s father, Mr Siri Katekaew (in Thailand father is pronounced as “Phor”, “phaw”-  พ่อ). During the initial period before the shrine hall and sleeping quarters of Samadhidhammaram Centre were completed, Phor opened up his family home, which is located near the temple to us [...]

Experiece in Self Practice in Seclusion

Back to Dhamma Sharing Requirements for self-practice: No talking or speaking to anyone including using mobile phone. Prior to undergoing self-practice in seclusion, you may notify your family members and let them have the contact numbers of the temple for them to contact in case of any urgent matters. If you need something or have any request or questions, [...]

Donors for Kutis

Back to Kutis for Self-Practice Sadhu to donors who have donated to the purchase of the kutis for self-practice. As of 1 June 2014, there are 9 kutis that have been purchased. Donors Listing:  1. From Penang Lee Cheong On Khoo Chooi Lean (Dana from Seow Ping’s parents) 2. From Singapore Lim Chan Ow Ong [...]

Wesak 2013- Offering on Wesak Day

You are at PhotoGallery> Wesak 2013 Event>  Offering of Gifts and Requisities on Wesak Day On Wesak Day, 24 May 2013, a total of 117 units of requisites consisting of Hatari fan, requisities and dana were offered to invited monks. Through Khun Mae’s careful planning, the hall was able to accomodate a total of 117 [...]


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Magha Puja Day

Back to Buddhist Observation Dates or Chanting Main Page In year 2020 (2563), Magha Puja falls on Saturday, 8 February 2020 (8 กุมภาพันธ์ 2563). The Magha Puja Day, also known as วันมาฆบูชา (Wan Makha Bucha) is the annual celebration of the Buddhists held on the Full Moon Day of the third lunar month (February) in the Buddhist [...]

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Monasteries by Khun Mae: 1. Samathidhammaram Centre, Samut Sakhon บ้านปฏิบัติธรรมสมาธิธรรมาราม, สมุทรสาคร 2. Samnak Wimuttidhammaram Dhammasala Hall Meeting Area Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat Sala Pud-dha Siklah 3. Samnak Pattibat Tham Thong Kham Nimit Dhammaram (The Cave) (สํๅนัก ปฏฺบัติธรรม ทองคํๅนิมิตธรรมๅรๅม) How to Get to the Cave, Photos of the initial stage The Cave Today Chanting [...]