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Short Term Ordination December 2011

Short Term Ordination (短期出家) Duration:  4 – 14 December 2011 Update @ Dec 2011: View the photos of the ordination here Samnak will be organizing a short term ordination and observation of eight precepts (both male and female adult and children) View past Short Term Ordination photos and writeups:   May 2011  December 2010  May 2010  A guide on the 75 Monastic [...]

Short Term Ordination 短期出家 – 14 to 25 May 2011

To view photos of previous short term ordination, please visit the Photogallery. Short Term Ordination Period from 14th – 25th May 2011 May 2011 in conjunction with Vesak day, Samnak will be organizing a temporal ordination and observation of eight precepts (both male and female adult) Introduction You may either do the observation of eight [...]

List of Observance Days for 2011 (Thai year 2554) (Archive)

Back to Buddhist Observation Date Main Page (For current year) JANUARY 2011 4 (Tue)- new 12 (Wed) 19 (Wed)- full- Magha Puja Day- click here to read the significance of the day 27 (Thu) FEBRUARY 2011 3 (Thu) – new 11 (Fri) 18 (Fri) – full 26 (Sat) MARCH 2011 4 (Fri) – new 12 (Sat) [...]

Short Term Ordination- December 2010

In the month of December 2010 (tentatively on 9 Dec 2010 onwards), Samnak will be having temporary ordination and 8 precept observance (for both male and female). If you want to join in, please contact Samnak directly (there are Thai, English and Mandarin speaking nuns residing in Samnak. Do ask for either English/ Mandarin speaking [...]