MongkolCakkavan Gatha (吉祥宇宙偈)

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Mongkol cakkavan gāthā


Imassaming   Mongkol   Cakkavan   Thangpedthid   Prasitthi,

Congmapen  Kampengkeaw   Thangcedchan   Mapongkan

Homlom   Robkrob   Thuranatta  Racha   Saymanakhettay

Samanta   Satayo   Chana   Sata   Sahassani   Buddha   Chala

Parik   Khedtay   Rakkhantu   Surakkhantu.


  • Dhamma
  • Pacceka Buddha
  • Sangha



Translation of the chant:

In this, the blessing of all eight directions of the universe take effect. May they come and form a seven-fold crystal wall, protecting & encircling all around the territory of the nation, surrounding it for one hundred-hundred-thousand leagues. May they protect us in the net encircling the Buddha (the Dhamma, Pacceka Buddhas, the Sangha), may they protect us well.


恭请佛祖的七个白色光环, 发出无限的威力与光芒。

笼罩着[祈祷] (某人的门牌, 地名, 住家, 人名及各种事物) 。

恭请佛,法,僧庇佑弟子[某某] , 使弟子众等, 得以安祥, 健康,

平安, 顺利。

  • Once finished chanting the verse, the remaining chants are identical, the word with underline to be replaced in sequence with the words shown in the box.


For those who have Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in their house,

Imassaming Mongkol Cakkavan Thangpedthid Prasitthi
Congmapen Kapengkeaw Thangcedchan Mapongkan
Homlom Robkrob Thur Anatta Racha Saymanakettay
Samanta Satayo Chana Sata Sahassani Kuan Yim Ma
Parik Khedtay, Rakkhantu Surakkhantu


This chant is in Thai but most of Khun Mae’s followers from Malaysia and Singapore know how to chant or even memorise this chant.

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