Offering for Alms Giving for Dedication

Many people are unsure what to say when they perform dana (donation),  alms giving or self-practice.

1. By the merit of alms-giving, may I attain the state of non-defilement.

2. By the merit of observing precepts, may I attain the Extinction of Sufferings.

3. By this merit of meditation, may I attain the Paths and Fruits (Magga and Phala).

4. By the merit of my wholesome deeds, may I enter into the state of Nibanna.

5. May I transfer these merits of wholesome deeds to all beings.

Khun Mae advised one to read the translation repeated and to internalise the meaning in one’s heart. One can say this in one’s heart whenever or wherever one goes to offer dana/donations:

May this merit of alms-giving be accrued to my relatives and parents. May they all receive this transference of merit to fulfil my intention.

Note: The above are passages translated from page 109 & 107 of the Pali-Thai-English Chanting Book. Some may not be able to read the Pali. Most important, one understands the translated meaning in one’s heart. Each time one perform dana, alms giving or donation, one recite the meaning from one’s heart to enable one’s sincere transferance of merits to reach its intended recipients.

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