Moral Shame and Moral Fear (Hiri Otappa)

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Hiri: Shame at doing evil
Ottappa: fear ( of the consequences of doing evils)

Khun Mae hopes everyone can understand Hiri and Ottapa wholeheartedly.

“Hiri” is an inner conscience that restrains us from found deeds that will jeopardize our self respect.

“Ottapa” is a healthy fear of committing deeds that might bring about harm to ourselves or others.

We must recognize  that moral shame and dread is associated with a karmically wholesome consciousness. One should bear in mind the consequences of one’s action and consistently put this into practice. Only when we understand wholeheartedly then we will know the cause and effect.

Khun Mae 希望每个人明白hiri(害羞)与ottappa(害怕的意思)。





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