This site is maintained by one of Khun Mae’s follower who is based in Malaysia.

The purpose of creating this website is to enable information, events and resources to be shared amongst her followers. It is hope that readers who are searching for information such as chanting books would also benefit.

If there are any errors or discrepancies in the content created in line with Khun Mae’s teaching and intention,  I sincerely do apologise.

Those who know Khun Mae personally would be aware that Khun Mae herself does not read or write in English (at the moment she could only speak a few words of English). All of Khun Mae’s monasteries also do not have internet access. In other words, Khun Mae herself does not check on her site given her busy schedule and lack of internet facilities in the monastery.

When time permits, I would attempt to perform cross checking by translating the content to Khun Mae for her review. However, such occassions are far less in between as Khun Mae usually have a busy schedule during her visits or during events. Sometimes communication may be via phone conversation. Therefore, even on best effort basis there may still be some inaccuracies due to the fact Khun Mae’s message had been misunderstood.

Since the inception of this website in 2008 till now, there had been a few errors on my part due to my own ignorance. For instance, there when I’ve uploaded audio recordings of ad hoc chanting done by Khun Mae on this site. The initial audio chants were not formally recorded and hence carry noisy background noise and interruptions- which was not pleasing to the listener’s ears. Sometimes it was during the time when Khun Mae was coughing- and when others chant the verses there were some inaccuracies in the pronounciation. Khun Mae is very particular about the accuracy of the chanting prononciation as it is the Buddha’s teachings- for one wrong word causes the listener to learn the chanting wrongly. When uploading on the site, it is hoped that the reader can learn by listening. Those audio chants have been thus removed.

Hence, should the reader wish to clarify any matters or contents written on the site, the reader may raise the question directly by contacting Samnak directly or dropping a comment. Any feedback is most welcomed.  Contact details can be obtained via the Contact Details.

As the content creator, I held myself accountable for any inaccuracies or errors on this site that had resulted any misunderstanding on the reader’s part. I sincerely seek your forgiveness and hope the reader would not hesitate to highlight either to Khun Mae or to me directly (via comment at the Contact Details page).


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