2013-12 December Ordination Event 短期出家

 Update: Photos and updates of the event have been uploaded.

Khun Mae would be organising an ordination event in December 2013. The indicative program is as follows:

Duration of program短期出家
  • 1 December 2013 to 14 December 2013 (1 ธ.ค. – 14 ธ.ค. 2556)
  • 2013年12月-日 至2013年12月14日
  • There would be formal Bhikkhu (monk), Samanera (novice ภิกขุ) and Mae Chees (nuns แม่ชี) ordination.
  • Others may also choose to observe 8 precepts.
  • Note:  For the duration of this trip, as you would see in the program below- Khun Mae wanted to also incorporate training of preserverance and it would involve going to all 3 temples (located in Lampang and Mae Hong Son). Some elements of “tudong” (living and travelling with basic amenities) would be incorporated for participant to have an experiencial understanding of the ordained life.

For those who wished to contribute or sponsor for the ordination cost, please refer here.

Requirements报名资格 Age requirements:

  • For Bhikkhu (monk): Male, minimum age is 20 years old
  • For Samanera (novice): Male, Minimum age is 10 years old

For those who are planning to ordain, you would need to continue from the start till the end of the program (that means from 1 to 14 Dec 2013). You should not quit or stop halfway as it would disrupt the others due to the travelling schedule (refer program below).

法会时间 ∶2013年12月-日 至2013年12月14日
比丘  : 年龄最小20岁
沙弥 : 年满10岁及10岁以上男学员

Flight arrangements启程和返回时间
  • Arrival: To buy air ticket to arrive in Bangkok (Don Meung or Suvarnabhumi) by Sunday 1 December 2013 or earlier.
  • Departure: To fly back from Bangkok on earliest Saturday 14 December 2013.Due to the tight schedule involving different geographical locations, we seek assistance that for those who wish to join to book the ticket to book within the duration provided (you may arrive earlier than the start date and go back later than the end date but not in between).

Pickup would be via the airport (Don Meung or Suvarnabhumi).


Before deciding to participate: The emphasis of this trip is on practice. At times, sleeping conditions may not be easy and comfortable. Food may only be simple.  As we come together to practice in the temple, we have to learn to be considerate, patient, kind and help each another. Each one of us come from different backgrounds, practices, characters and habits.There may be instances where miscommunication or misunderstanding that may occur. We need to learn to be tolerant, considerate and helpful towards one another.Hence, we must first ask ourselves if we would want to practice and do not give up despite challenges. If we feel we may not have what it takes, for example, if by character we cannot live easily with others or we cannot do away with comfort, then it would be best not to participate in this trip.Note: Thailand is a relatively big country. For example, if we are in The Cave (Mae Hong Son), and a person suddenly insist to go back- the cave is located up the hills about 6-7 hours journey from Chiang Mai and more than 1000km from Bangkok. How would Khun Mae able to assign someone (who must be a local who can speak and read both Thai and speak to the person) to accompany the person back to help in taking the transport and translation. Hence, it has to be stated upfront that regretably such requests could not be accomodated as it would disrupt the practice of others.Therefore, we need to really ask ourselves honestly- if we are sincere and determined to practice, and be adaptable to simple living conditions. If we can, and we want to try, this is a golden opportunity for we do not know if in future Khun Mae would be able to arrange such trips.

Indicative program schedule 行程目录:

Note: Links to photos are from past photos taken. After this event we would be uploading the actual photos taken.

Date 日期 Program   项目
Sun 1 Dec 2013 อา. 1 ธ.ค 255612月-日(星期天)
  • Arrival at Bangkok.
  • 抵达曼谷
Mon 2 Dec 2013จ. 2 ธ.ค 255612月二日(星期一)
  • Hair Shaving for those wishing to ordain as monks, novices or nuns.
  • Note: 8 preceptors are not required to shave their hair.
  • 为将要出家的居士们举行剃头仪式 (比丘,沙弥和美琪)(授皈八戒和五戒者无需剃头)
Tue 3 Dec 2013อ. 3 ธ.ค 255612月三日(星期二)
  • Ordain as Bhikkhu (monk), Novice (Samanera) or Mae Chee (nuns)
  • For 8 preceptors, to undertake 8 precepts
  • 进行出家与授皈八戒仪式(穿袈裟)
Wed 4 Dec 2013พ. 4 ธ.ค 255612月四日(星期三)
  • 1. Morning alsmround
  • 2. Night time to travel to Samnak Wimuthidhammaram in Lampang by bus (usually we take the 7pm bus from Bangkok and arrive near Lampang at about 4am the next day).
  • (1) 集体外出托钵。
    (2) 我们将程搭晚上7点的巴士从曼谷到Lampang – Samnak Wimuthidhammaram。大约凌晨4点到达Lampang – Samnak Wimuthidhammaram附近。
Thu 5 Dec 2013พฤ. 5 ธ.ค 255612月五日(星期四)
  • 1. Early morning: Arrive at Samnak Wimuthidhammaram in Lampang
  • 2. Night: Night time chanting till about 3am the next day. The chanting would involve the 108 Itipiso chant as gratitude to Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and parents.
  • (1) 早晨到达目的地。
    (2) 晚上 -上晚课,诵经至凌晨3点。其中我们要诵“随念三宝”108遍来感恩佛,法,僧及父母。
Fri 6 Dec 20136 ธ.ค 255612月六日(星期五)
  •  1. Morning 3.15am: Upon completion of the chanting, approximately about 3.15am in the morning, we would be releasing laterns (to have gratitude for Triple Gem and devas who have helped to protect the Buddha’s Dispensation. At the same time to share and transfer merits to our ancestors and parents.
  • 2. Morning pindapat (almsround)
  • 3. Practice chanting and meditation
  • (1) 随着诵完108遍的“随念三宝”,我们会放孔明灯来感恩三宝及
    〔2〕 集体外出托钵
Sat 7 Dec 2013ศ. 7 ธ.ค 255612月七日(星期六)
Sun 8 Dec 2013อา. 8 ธ.ค 255612月八日(星期天)
  • 1. Early morning: Arrive in Samnak Pattibattham Thongkamnimit Dhammaram (The Cave).
  • 2. Practice chanting and meditation.
  • (1)  早上到Samnak PattibatthamThongkhamnimit Dhammaram(山洞)。
    〔2〕 开始诵经,打坐(在山洞)
Mon 9 Dec 2013จ. 9 ธ.ค 255612月九日(星期一)
  • Extended night chanting at The Cave which includes chanting Itipiso chant 108 times.
  •  晚上我们在山洞诵经至凌晨3点。其中诵“随念三宝”108遍。
Tue 10 Dec 2013อ. 10 ธ.ค 255612月十日(星期二)
  • The extended night chanting would complete early in the morning. At about 4am, all to gather by the river to release laterns with lights and flowers (similar to Loy Krathong).
  • Then, after a short rest, would proceed to visit the pagoda located at Mae Hong Son and other caves in Mae Hong Son.
  • (1)    诵经完毕后,我们会到河边放荷花灯,犹如泰国的水灯节。〔2〕    之后,我们会到附近去观塔和山洞。
Wed 11 Dec 2013พ. 11 ธ.ค 255612月十-日(星期三)
  • Practicing chanting and meditation

(1) 诵经,打坐(在山洞)

Thu 12 Dec 2013พฤ. 12 ธ.ค 255612月十二日(星期四)
  • Taking leave of the robes (there would be 2 senior monks travelling who would perform the ceremony).
  • Night time: Travel back to Bangkok by night bus.

(1) 会有两位与我们同行的高僧将举行卸下袈裟仪式。
〔2〕 我们将程搭晚上的巴士到曼谷。

Fri 13 Dec 2013ศ. 13 ธ.ค 255612月十三日(星期五)
  • Arrive back to Bangkok. Tiime would depends on the bus that can be booked. The journey would take about 12 hours.
  • 到曼谷全程大概12个小时。
Sat 14 Dec 201314 ธ.ค 255612月十四日(星期六)
  • Depature from 14 Dec onwards or later.
  • 短期出家活动圆满结束。


Q:  I would to attend this event. What do I need to do?
A:  Please let us know if you would like to undergo ordination (monk, novice or nun) or as 8 preceptor. You would need to make arrangements to book air ticket to arrive Bangkok by 1 December 2013 and depart Bangkok from 14 December 2013.

Q:  How do I get from the temple from the airport?
A:  Khun Mae would arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport. Therefore we would require information on how many pax, flight number, date and time of arrival and at which airport (Don Meung or Suvarnabhumi airport).

Q:  Do I need to bring anything along with me?
A:  Upon confirmation, all your requisities (robes, almsbowl, blanket, etc) would be prepared for you. For 8 preceptors, as it is the cold weather in December, you may bring along your jacket of neutral colours (brown, black or grey).

Q: How much do I have to pay to join this event?
A: As per in past events, Khun Mae never impose any price or fee for any person who wishes to ordain or observe the 8 precept. Most importantly, make the best use of this opportunity to practice to the best of your ability. If you wish to contribute, you may contribute any amount that you wish.

Q: I am a vegetarian. Does the temple provide vegetarian food?
A: Arrangement can be made for vegetarian food to be cooked for you. Usually, we would have  a few practitioners who are vegetarians.

Q:  The program’s duration is about 2 weeks. However, I am not able to make it for the complete 2 weeks. Can I come for just a few days in between?
A:  For this December 2013 Ordination program, participants would be travelling from Bangkok to Lampang to Mae Hong Son. For those who wish to ordain as a monk or novice, you would need be available from 1 to 14 December 2013.

For those who are observing 8 precepts, if you need to go back for example on 5 or 6 December, then you would not be able to join the group for subsequent program that involves travelling north. However, there would be nuns who would be in the Bangkok temple and transport arrangements can be made if you wish to go to Bangkok or the airport.

Q:  I’ve noticed that the program this time involved a lot of travelling. Why not stay in the temple to just self-practice?
A:   This December, Khun Mae planned to take participants to travel from Central to North (Lampang) and up to the hills of Mae Hong Son (The Cave). The travelling is to build in preserverance and participants are exposed to living in different situations (temple, sleeping in the bus, staying in the cave and with nature). Food and living conditions would be simple and not comfortable.  Sometimes one goes without enough sleep due to chanting and travelling overnight in an economy bus. How would you remain calm and patient, considerate and mindful in such situation? It would not be easy but if you preservere, the direct ‘practical’ experience have the potential to change you in ways you have never previously thought possible.

It is hard to explain in words…it can be understood only by direct experience.



1. 我要参加这次的法会,我需要做什么?


  • 请自负机票
  • 请特别注名要修比丘或沙弥(因为要先给您准备袈裟,棉被,钵。寺庙会免费提供)
  • 美琪及授八戒者要个人购买修行专用衣服(为了方便,我们将统一穿上褐色的衣服)
  • 请注名∶性别,身高,体重,尺码(上衣和裤)
  • 联络方式


2. 本次活动提供接机服务吗?



3. 我需要必备什么东西吗?

  • 请自备个人生活用品及个人所需药物
  • 请勿带贵重物品,各种首饰,不相关之书刊读物
  • 因为天气的关系,请自备防寒用品



4. 我要参加这次的法会,需要支付多少?

活动费用 (随缘,随心)


5. 这个活动我可以来几天吗?

  • 如果你是一名比丘或沙弥,您必须圆满完成整个修行活动。
  • 如果有提前回国者,您可以留在曼谷,我们会有美琪在庙也会负责安排送您到飞机场。


6. 为什么不留在曼谷的寺庙修行,要走那么多地方?

Khun Mae希望可以让大家尝试不同的环境,气候,情况下考验您的耐心/耐性,规范您的行为,学习如何看待苦与乐,懂得体谅,为别人提供支及帮助。改变您的价值观,人生观。


7. 我不能参加这次的活动,但我希望我的孩子可以参加。我需要怎么做?


For those who plan to join, kindly provide the following details:

  • How many person and how many would be ordaining as Bhikkhu, Novice, Mae Chee or 8 preceptor
  • Size and height (as the robes and clothings can be arranged)
  • Date, time of arrival, flight number and airport
  • Contact number and email

Contact Persons:

If you would like to participate in this event or obtain more information, you may contact the following persons:

Country联络电话及负责人 Contact person(s):
  • Khun Mae directly at +6681 918 3237 (converse in Thai & Mandarin) (以泰语或华语沟通)
  • Sheila ชีร่า +6684-9488713 (can converse in Thai & English) (以泰语或英语沟通)
Singapore 新加坡
  • Xiao Yan 小燕 +65 98442199
  • Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)
Other countries
  • Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)



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