2014-12 New Year Chanting Countdown in Ipoh

Khun Mae would  be visiting Malaysia after the December 2014 Ordination Event. There would be a Year End Chanting countdown in Ipoh Cave Temple.

Update: Please view photos of the event (2014年12月年结 念经 在怡保 的照片).

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Above: Photo of the Cave Temple (click on image to enlarge)

Duration: 27 December 2014- 1 January 2015. 

Ipoh Cave temple (known locally as Chinaraj Cave Temple) located in Kampung Kepayang, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

(Please click HERE for directions on how to get to the Ipoh Cave Temple).

Update: Please view photos of the event.


How Khun Mae came to know about the  Ipoh Cave temple

Khun Mae first visited this temple more than 10 years ago. Years ago during Khun Mae’s short visit to Ipoh, she  was speaking to an Ajahn who recommended that there is a Thai senior monk, Luang Phor currently staying in a cave in Ipoh. Having herself stayed in caves during her practice, Khun Mae would like to meet Luang Phor.  It happened that at the same time there was another Thai monk who also visited the Ajahn and wanted to meet the Luang Phor.

Both the Thai monk and Khun Mae, with the respective followers went and pay a visit to Luang Phor. When Luang Phor meet the Thai monk, he asked the monk what made him (the Thai monk) wanted to pay a visit to Malaysia.

The monk replied that he wished to come to visit Malaysia and understand its people and culture more.

Upon hearing the monk’s answer, Luang Phor said, “You come here to visit and look around- so you are ordaining without serious thoughts of learning the Dhamma. If all monks have the same thoughts as you- to ordain and then go and visit and sight seeing in other countries, what future does the Buddha Sasana have?”

With that, Luang Phor closed his eyes and was silent.

Khun Mae was seated outside and heard what transpired between Luang Phor and the monk. Khun Mae mentioned that upon hearing Luang Phor’s  direct reply, Khun Mae developed genuine faith in Luang Phor and know that Luang Phor is really accomplished and knows the Dhamma truly.

Khun Mae then went inside with the rest of the group that came with her to pay respect  to Luang Phor.  At first, Luang Phor had no reaction but after a while of silence he opened his eyes but he did not look directly at Khun Mae.

Luang Phor started by asking Khun Mae, as she was wearing robes in brown colour- what is Khun Mae’s role?

Khun Mae answered that she is a Ubasika- a nun observing 8 precepts.

Luang Phor then asked Khun Mae on who is her teacher?

Khun Mae mentioned that she follow the path taught by the Buddha. She saw the path and is inspired by Luang Phor Mun.

“In that case, when you meditate and you have doubt, who do you ask?”, questioned Luang Phor.

Khun Mae answered that when in doubt, she contemplate on the three universal characteristics (impermanence, suffering, and non-self) . She answered Luang Phor spontaneously straight from the heart without having to mull over for answers.  With mindfulness, the heart is able to comprehend and the answers are sincere.

Then Luang Phor  turned towards  Khun Mae and begun to share with her about the history of how the cave started and how he came to Malaysia many years ago. Khun Mae also told her story to Luang Phor. She mentioned once, she fasted and did not eat for days. Luang Phor Pannavuddho (Luangta Maha Bua’s long time disciple) arranged for someone to call Khun Mae and gave Khun Mae some valuable words of advice. Luang Phor was very pleased to hear that as it turned out both  he and Luang Phor Pannavuddho had known each other quite well.

Finally, before Khun Mae took leave from Luang Phor, Luang Phor gave Khun Mae a valuable advice, “wherever you go, you must always do good things. When you go and visit another country, if you don’t understand the people, you would not be able to help them.” (Example, Khun Mae learned to converse in Mandarin so that she could would understand enough to help people  and Luang Phor himself was very fluent in English).

Luang Phor If one do not understand the people- there is no point of coming- in fact it may be more troublesome for others.

Sadly Khun Mae found out that Luang Phor had since passed away when she visited Ipoh at the invitation of some of her disciples. Khun Mae knew that Luang Phor had aspired to have a place to enable people to practice chanting and meditation. We should continue the legacy passed down by Luang Phor.

This year, we be having the year end chanting to welcome the new year. Khun Mae is very grateful to the temple custodians and caretakers- especially Madam Wong who help make the arrangements for participants to come and practice the Buddha’s teachings. May the Buddha Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation) continue to grow.

十多年前,Khun Mae经众信徒的邀请来到了怡保,在一个机缘巧合下,认识了一位来自泰国的僧人,听这位出家人说,马来西亚怡保有个山洞,是供出家人念经,打坐,修行的,并且山洞里住着一位德高望重的泰国高僧。Khun Mae决定带领信徒和来自泰国的僧人拜访那位高僧并希望能得到高僧的指点。

到了怡保山洞,出家人第一个去拜见高僧,当高僧面对面坐下时, 高僧问出家人: “ 你为什么来马来西亚?” 出家人回答:”我想了解马来西亚的生活习惯!” 这位高僧说: “你是来走马看花而不是体恤民情,弘扬佛法?” 此言一出,高僧便四目微闭,一言不发! 出家人也无言以对,只好叩拜高僧后走了出去。

看到这是,Khun Mae便带领信徒上前叩拜高僧。高僧依旧四目微闭,没有说话!过了一会儿, 高僧开口问Khun Mae:”你为什么穿褐色的衣服?” Khun Mae回答 : “我是授八戒的美棋.”高僧随即问: “谁是你的老师?” Khun Mae回答 : “ 我是跟着佛陀的教导的,也是受了德高望重的高僧,Acariya Mun的引导。” 高僧继续问,如果你在打坐时遇到疑问,你要问谁?” Khun Mae以最真诚的心回答说: “我想倒宇宙的三大特点:无偿,苦,无我! 人要有正念,我们就能以最真诚的心去了解万物。”

这期间Khun Mae和高僧畅谈了许多佛法。高僧还讲述了这个山洞的历史。Khun Mae也分享了自己的一些经历: “曾经有一次为了让自己远离污秽扎念,几天未进食,这时有位高僧叫Luangta Maha Boowa,他安排人来告诉我一句金玉良言。我当时就顿悟了!” 听到这是,高僧很高兴得告诉Khun Mae,他与德高望重的高僧,Luangta Maha Boowa是旧相识,好朋友。最后, 这位住在怡保山洞里的一高僧送了Khun Mae一段话: “不管你到世界的那个角落,都要了解不同人的需求,体恤民情才能有办法帮助他们 ,弘扬佛法,帮助更多的人!” Khun Mae谨记这位高僧的话,叩拜高僧,离开了山洞。

过了一段时间,Khun Mae再次来到山洞时,高僧已经圆寂了! Khun Mae很伤心,Khun Mae知道这位高僧希望保存这个神圣的山洞,可以让更多的人来这个山洞念经,打坐,修行。

今年,Khun Mae将带领信徒去山洞跨年诵经, 感恩佛,法,僧,感恩住在怡保山洞里的高僧! 同时, 感恩一直以来照顾,打理山洞的Mdm Wong. Sadhu ! Sadhu! Sadhu!

SCHEDULE for the Year End Chanting Countdown

Update: Please view photos of the event.

Dates Tentative Program
27 December 2014
  • Arrival to the Cave Temple in Ipoh
28 December – 1 January 2015
  • Duration of the stay
Tentative Daily schedule (for those staying in the Cave temple)
  • 4am – Morning chanting, meditation and transferrance if merits.
  • 6am- Volunteer work (sweep the floor, help in preparation work, etc)
  • 8am- Breakfast
  • 9am- Chanting for transferrence of merits
  • 11am- Lunch
  • 1pm- Rest
  • 2pm- Chanting
  • 4pm- Volunteer work (sweep the floor/ preparation)
  • 5pm- Tea/short rest
  • 7pm- Night chanting
  • 10pm- Retire for the day

早上 4时:诵经 – 早课,禅修,回向功德
9时:诵经 – 诵念回向功德
下午 1时:休息
5时:歇息 / 饮茶
晚上 7时:诵经 – 晚课,打坐

 31 December 2014 chanting
  • 9pm- Chanting to 1am
    1am- light the candles, pay gratitude to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha
  • 31.12.2014 倒数【感恩】
    晚上 9时:诵经
    早上 1时:点蜡烛(感恩 佛、法、僧)

Location of the temple

CLICK HERE to view the directions on how get to Ipoh Cave temple.


Lodging & Food

For those who wish to wear white and observe 8 precepts, one would need to stay at the Cave Temple. However, as this Cave Temple does not have specific lodging place- participants are advised to bring their own sleeping bags, tents and necessary items. Khun Mae hoped that if one wishes to practice with sincerity, please do not be afraid of the discomfort.

For those who wish to stay and wear the 8 preceptor clothings (view sample for male/ female) but do not have the attire, please inform us in advance as Khun Mae would need to purchase the 8 preceptor clothings from Thailand.

Alternatively, participants (who are observing 5 precepts) may opt to stay separately in home stay.  Home stay can be arranged  (expenses to be borne by participants). You may contact Sau Cheng at +6016 526 0118 to make the necessary arrangements.  Sau Cheng is Khun Mae’s supporter in Ipoh and we are grateful for both she and Ka Tong’s help to make the arrangements for participants.

Due to year end is a peak holiday season and accommodations are limited, it is advisable to notify us early to avoid disappointment.

Participants who arrive late or would like to rest after travelling or to freshen up may also wish to stay at the homestay for the first night.

Food would be provided thanks to the support and help of Mdm Wong, Ka Tong and Sau Cheng.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to come as arrangements (food, lodging, logistics) have to be planned.

To summarise, kindly copy & paste and complete the following information indicated in the box below either through Whatapps or in the comment box below:

Currently residing at: eg Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
Contact number:
Gender: Male /Female
How many person(s) coming:
Do you have your own transport: Yes/ No
Recommended by/ how do you come to know about this program?
Planning to stay in Cave Temple? Yes/ NoArrival:
Date of arrival:
Mode of travel: by car, bus, airplane
Do you require any pickup? Yes/ NoAccomodation:
If stay in cave Temple, do you require the 8 preceptor clothings? Yes/ No
How many sets (each set comes in white top and pants):
Size:If planning to stay at Homestay, please indicate duration of stay:Arrival of more than 1 person:
If arrival is in a group, kindly provide the following us the following information for the group for us to make arrangements:
Gender and age of each person:
Staying in temple or homestay? Eg, first night in homestay subsequent in temple
Do they require 8 precepts clothings and if yes, how many sets and size:

Contact Persons:

If you would like to participate in this event or obtain more information, you may contact the following persons:

Country联络电话及负责人 Contact person(s):
Ipoh Contact person to inquire about the Cave, accomodation arrangements and the event. 
  • Sau Cheng +6016 526 0118
Singapore 新加坡
  • Xiao Yan 小燕 +65 98442199
Malaysia马来西亚 & Other Countries
  • Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)

Alternatively you may leave a comment below (your comment would not be published – and we would get back to you).

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