2016-03-Sanghadana offerings on 20 Mar 16

Maha Sanghadana and Lunch Offerings to Monks on Sunday, 20 March 2016.


Samathidhammaram Centre, 114, Moo 5, Ban Rangsaiboowa, Tambon Klongtan, Amphor Ban Phaeo, Samut Sakhon, 74120 Thailand (Address (in Thai): บ้านปฏิบัติธรรมสมาธิธรรมาราม , 114 หมู่ 5 ต.คลองตัน อ.บ้านแพ้ว จ.สมุทรสาคร ).

Date: Sunday 20 March 2016.

There would be a Sanghadana held where we would offer requisites and lunch for  about approximately 90 to 100 monks from various temples.

Khun Mae would like to hold the event for her mother as well as invite participation from those who wishes to perform Sanghadana in their parents’ names. For those who are interested, you are welcomed to share in the participation for your parents, family, kammic debtors .

The estimated cost is about 2500 baht per monk which covers the following:

  • Transportation for the monks
  • Purchase of requisites
  • Lunch dana
  • Additional dana to monks

The cost to sponsor per monk would come up to approximately: Ringgit: RM300 and Singapore dollars SGD200.



Maha Sanghadana (Sunday 20/3/2016)
Inviting a community of monks totalling 100 as an act of maha punna (merit)

How and why would one acquire tremendous amount of merit through an act of mahasanghadana?

An act of giving (Dana) can be made by anyone, at anytime and place. Anyone can give alms to the monks and make merit. However, we need to have exceptional amount of faith in the act of a mahasanghadana. The act of almsgiving to a community of monks simultaneously in one place (mahasanghadana) is not an easy matter altogether. It is an act of tremendous faith which requires a greater level of careful attention, dedication and effort to bring the whole event to a successful completion. It is not as easy as it appears to be. Why is it so? One reason is simply the fact that, on the mundane level, in co-ordinating such an event itself is, already rather complex. Several factors and conditions will have to find its way, develop and come together. Even if one aspires to hold such an event, factors beyond ones’ control may hinder the success of the initial noble intention.

One starting factor is, the accumulating of funds, ensuring that there would be sufficient money by way of donation from various sources in order to purchase necessary material requisites and having a suitable place to hold such an event. Even if these have been acquired, the availability of 100 monks from various temples and monasteries becomes another cause for the conditions to ripen. Even with adequate funds and a community of monks ready to accept the invitation, the event could still not take place without the help of numerous people prior, during and after the event. Organizing issues ranging from food preparation, transportation, logistics, etc needs to be addressed.

One needs to take into account that, from the strength of faith in mahasanghadana, with determination from sila, samadhi and panna, only when all these causes and conditions come together completely will we be able to reap the fruits of merit from mahasanghadana.

Remembering the time of the Lord Buddha, maha upasika- lady Visakkha, one of his dedicated lay female supporter, many a times, through acts of mahasanghadana had supported the Lord Buddha and his community of monks by inviting them for a meal and offerings of useful material requisites.  She, with saddha (faith) had personally made specific aspirations through these acts of merit and with the Lord Buddha’s approval, granted in fulfilling her wishes.

Similarly with lady Visakkha and all her aspirations fulfilled, may the Lord Buddha bless our aspirations. Through this act of saddha, may it carve a clear pathway for us in fulfilling our wishes and paramis. Each time we recollect this good act of merit, may it bring us happiness and peace of mind.

Now, at present, presented with this opportunity of mahasanghadana, this Sunday 20/3/2016 to those with faith to come to samathidhammaram in participation of this wholesome action (maha kusala) right here in this present life! It is coming to fruition, favourable conditions coming together in fulfilling our aspiration.

The results of the noble act is immeasurable, tremendous merit (punna parami) have been acquired. Through the goodwill of all who have participated in this event can only be felt in the heart. May those merits acquired be shared to all, out of gratitude, starting with our parents and ancestors, whether living or have departed. May we also share in the good acts of merits, remembering those who were not able attend this event. Also to those who simply do not know about this.

We find ourselves truly blessed with the good parami that we are in, presented with such suitable conditions and opportunity for the event to take place.

With much anumodana from Khun Mae and her disciples, from Samathidhammaram centre.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


You may refer to photos of smilar past event held : Sanghadana held for 96 monks on 1 February 2015, Sanghadana during Hungry Ghost Festival.

Contact Details:

If you would like to participate in this event or obtain more information, you may contact the following persons:

Country联络电话及负责人 Contact person(s):
  • Khun Mae +66819183237
Singapore 新加坡
  • Xiao Yan 小燕 65 98442199
Malaysia马来西亚 & Other Countries
  • Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)

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