Ordination Requisites

Requisites would be prepared for full bhikkhu ordination would be similar as per below:

The photo of the requisites is taken from the December 2011 Full Bhikkhu ordination held in Samnak Wimuthidhammaram. For ordination, aside from robes, almsbowl and daily requisities, there would be additional items provided due to the extensive travelling involved.


monksrequisities2 monksrequisities1

We have received inquiries from some who would like to sponsor for the bhikkhu/ novice/ nuns ordination and wanted to know the cost per person.

For full bhikkhu ordination, the cost is estimated to be about 4000 baht (about Sing $200 or RM400).Note as of Dec 15: The cost has increased because Khun Mae purchase the good quality monk robes which 1 set costs 3800 baht. We would check further with Khun Mae on the estimated cost

The cost goes to:

  • purchase of requisities
  • donation to the temple where the ordination ceremony is to be held (the ordination ceremony would be held at another temple where there is a Ubosot hall)
  • lunch dana for Upacaya (preceptor) and invited monks
  • travelling expenses to go to the temple

The above have not include the daily living expenses, food, travelling costs and temple utilities cost.

For those wished to donate towards the cost, you may contact the following persons:

Country联络电话及负责人 Contact person(s):
  • Khun Mae directly at +6681 918 3237 (converse in Thai & Mandarin) (以泰语或华语沟通)
  • Sheila ชีร่า +6684-9488713 (can converse in Thai & English) (以泰语或英语沟通)
Singapore 新加坡
  • Xiao Yan 小燕 +65 98442199
Malaysia马来西亚/ Other countries
  • Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)

Alternatively you may leave a comment with your particulars (your comment will not be published but we would reply to you via email).


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