Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I came upon your site and would like to come and practice in Samnak. How should I go about it?
A: You may contact us- either by calling Samnak directly, email  or drop at comment at the Contact page.  If you are dropping a comment or sending an email, please tell us a bit about yourself and the approximate period you would like to come to Thailand for practice. We would check with Khun Mae and get back to you.

Q: What is the language of communication in Samnak?
A: Khun Mae converses in Thai and Mandarin. She cannot really speak English. However, we have a Malaysian resident nun there who can help to translate to English.

Q:  I noticed in your website that there are currently 3 places to practice. If I am coming, where am I supposed to go?
A: If you would like to come, you would need to inform us in advance before you book the ticket to come. We usually have to check if Khun Mae is travelling during that time. Usually if she knows in advance she would do her best to be around unless there is unexpected emergency.

The location would be informed to you after you can provide the approximate date of arrival.

Q: From the airport, I am not sure how to get to the temple.
A: No worries about that.  All the temples are located out of town and would be difficult for foreigners to find.  Therefore, all you need to do is to arrive at the airport and Khun Mae will arrange for someone to come and pick you up. If she can, she would come directly. It should be easy for you to look out for a brown robed nun.

  • If you are getting down at Chiang Mai airport, you just need to wait at the waiting area right after customs check-out.
  • If you are getting down at Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok it is usually at Gate 3 (turn right at the exit and go straight to gate 3 till near the Tourism Authority of Thailand counter)

Q: Todate, has there been anyone who had visiting Khun Mae through reading about her via this website?
A: Yes, there has been a few visitors who read about Khun Mae from this website and decided to come and practice. Usually the meeting place is at the airport but if they are already in the country, then it would be a mutual place that both parties can find. Most of them would have recognized Khun Mae from her picture on the site.

Q: What is Khun Mae’s method of teaching?
A: Her method would depend on one’s level of practice. Often her emphasis is on mindfulness through breathing and to ensure that the practice can apply to one’s daily life. For advanced practioners, she would teach again based on their level, involving body contemplation, etc. The teachings would often be given with stories of her own personal experience. What made her so special is her personal approach- as most who approached her have their own difficulties, health issues and personal problems. With compassion she always suggest the solution as she understand that it is tough for one to practice if one’s personal issues is not being sorted out.

Q: What do I need to bring if I want to come over?
A: If you are observing 8 precepts then you would need to wear white preceptor clothings.  If you do not have any 8 preceptor clothings, then just inform us and it can be prepared for you (you would need to let us know your size). Aside from that, bring along your own medication and do advise of any health issues you may be facing (ie back problems that prevent you to sleep straight on the floor, food allergies). If you would like to undergo temporary ordination, robes would be provided.

Q:  It is mentioned that the temple is “a place for women to practice Dhamma in Thailand“. Does Khun Mae accept male practitioners?
A: Yes. Often spouse or male family members who may want to accompany the ladies who wanted to come to practice. In 2011, Khun Mae had allocated the area in Dhammasala Hall by building small kutis and a resting place for visiting monks and male lay people.

Q: I am a vegetarian. Does the temple provide vegetarian food?
A: Arrangement can be made for vegetarian food to be cooked for you. In the past, we do have a number of practitioners who are vegetarians.

Q: I have financial difficulties. How much do the temple charge for me to stay there?
A: Khun Mae will help anyone without discrimination. Regardless of race, background, financial status- Khun Mae would welcome those who want to practice. All she asks of you is your sincerity of practicing and to make the best use the little time you have to do your best. So far, she never imposed any fixed charges on anyone that came to her temple.

Q: Then how was she able to run her temples if she does not charge a fee for coming to practice?
A: Khun Mae has been able to keep up to the expenses of running the 3 places through the generosity of her followers in Thailand, United States, Singapore and Malaysia. She has always expressed gratitude that a lot of things had been possible because of the support to those who known her- often they do not have the time to come and practice themselves but give with to support those who wanted to practice the Dhamma. When we utilize the temple’s facilities or partake in the meals, we recall these donors with gratitude and share merits with them.

Q: If Khun Mae does not read and write English, then who proof read the materials on this site?
A: If situation and time permits, we try to go through the materials with her before uploading. Changes made are read by all, including her long time followers who would seek clarification with Khun Mae should there be any doubt- and the content would be removed if there are any inaccuracies (please read the site’s Disclaimer).

Q: Does Samnak have internet access?
A: [Updated] Khun Mae’s temple in Bangkok has Wifi access- that is to enable correspondance and documents to be sent and email.

Hence if you were to drop a message via our Contact Details page, it will be retrieved by the site admin who is based in Malaysia and message would be relayed to Khun Mae.

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