Flight Schedule( arrival and departure) for those attending the August 2014- Hungry Ghost Festival 盂兰节 Program.

CLICK HERE  for the flight details

For those who are going, please provide your flight info as per below for Khun Mae to arrange for the logistics (pick-up at airport, lodging, etc). Thanks.

Please take note of the meeting place where we would be waiting for you:

Arrival Airport Meeting Place:
Suvarnabhumi สุวรรณภูมิ Airport GATE 3 (after the custom exit, turn right and go straight till you see the gate labeled as gate 3. It is near the Tourism Thailand booth)
Don Meuang ดอนเมือง Airport Furthest right after the arrival hall’s custom exit. Means as you exit to from the custom, turn right and go to the waiting area located to your furthest right.

Note: The file would be updated when there are new addition or amendments. Please check the update listed on the file to ensure you are viewing the latest version. Thanks.

For those who are going who are not listed, appreciate if you can provide the following details:
  • – Name of those going- if more than 1 person, please give the pax
  • – Flight number
  • – Date and time of arrival (what time would the flight arrive at Bangkok)
  • – Which airport? Don Meung or Suvarnabhumi?
  • – Is anyone in the group undergoing temporary ordination? If yes, can provide the name of the person known to Khun Mae?
  • – Do you require 8 preceptor clothing? If yes, what size?
  • – Date and time of departure back to Singapore/ Malaysia


If there are any changes, omission, correction, please email to me at yteing@yahoo.com or WhatApps me at  +6018-3 6 6 8 9 0 0 or drop a comment below (your comment would not be published- I would respond to you via email, thanks).

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