How to get to Samnak (如何到Samnak 庙)

1. From Bangkok

In Bangkok, go to Mocchit Bus station. Please note that there are about 3 or 4 major bus stations in Bangkok. Ensure you are in Mocchit Bus station as the buses are plying to the Northern region.  When buying a ticket, indicate that you want a ticket to Ampher Ngao (that means Ngao district)- they will sell you tickets to Phayao- which is the town nearest to the Samnak.

Please note that even though the official address of Samnak indicates it is in Lampang, do not buy ticket to Lampang as it is a separate highway route from the one passing by outside of the Samnak.

Buses normally leave about 7pm from Bangkok and will arrive the Phayao bus station about 5  or 6 am the following morning.

Here’s Samnak Address in Thai language:

1. 从曼谷来

 在曼谷,去Mocchit公共汽车站。请留意在曼谷有3至4个主要公共汽车站。请确认您所在的是Mocchit车站,因为那里的车去北部地区。当您卖票时,请说明您要去Ampher Ngao (即Ngao区),他们便会给您Phayao的票,即是最近Samnak的市镇。



2. From Chiang Mai

Samnak is about 3 to 4 hours from Chiang Mai. From Chiang Mai bus station, buy a bus ticket to Ampher Ngao or Phayao.

2. 从清迈来

Samnak距离清迈大约3至4小时。从清迈公共汽车站,买去Ampher Ngao或Phayao的车票。 


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