Important Announcement on Donation

Dear all,

Thank you for your kind thoughts in wishing to help and offer donation.

Please be informed that Khun Mae does not authorise anyone else to collect donations on her behalf unless she specified otherwise. 

For those who wishes to offer donation would need to liaise directly with Khun Mae and Khun Mae would then nominate the person you may send funds to if you are residing out of Thailand.

Usually when you inform Khun Mae of your kind intention to donate and if you staying out of Thailand, she would advise you to pass funds to designated persons.

If you have been approached by anyone else who claimed to collect donations and representing Khun Mae, please validate directly with Khun Mae or by dropping a comment at the Contact Us form.


You may also opt to send your donations directly via CIMB Spend Send service (available at CIMB Banks and its authorised agents in Malaysia) which comes with a lower service fee compared to Moneygramm and Western Union.  The funds sent is available immediately through collection at CIMB Thai.

声明:- 首先禅定寺感谢广大的善心人士的捐助。目前禅定寺决定截止这捐助。如果善心人士要捐助禅定寺,请直接与Khun Mae 本人联络。由她本人通知您怎样把您的捐款直接送到禅定寺。
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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