How Ordination is Performed

The following is a summary of how ordination is performed for the following:

A. Ordination for monks/ novice monks:

1. Hair shaving.

a-01hairshaving a-02hairshaving a-03hairshaving

2. Participants would then be rubbed with yellow turmeric powder. After that, water would be poured on them to clean off the turmeric powder.








3.  Participants would also need to practice the chanting scripts- guidance would be provided on the chant and pronounciation.








4. Ordination event (click HERE to view with scripts and photos)

a. For full Bhikkhu ordination, the ordination is performed at an ubosot (ordination hall). Before a person can become a fully fledged bhikkhu, one must have undergone novice monk practice.

First, offering of robes is done by family members/ representatives. The soon-to-be bhikkhu then offer the robes to the upacaya (preceptor) while chanting script to request for ordination. The upacaya then explain the benefits of ordination and request the participant to commit to memory the 5 unattractive parts of the body.  Then the upacaya assist to wear the amsa (shoulder cloth worn across the left shoulder). After that, a senior monk would assist the participant to wear the robe.

After that, the acariya (teacher) recites the passages in taking refuge and precepts. This is followed by requesting for dependence, scrutiny of bowl and robes and examination of the bhikkhu-to-be by the Sangha.

20131203_01-ordination 20131203_02-ordination 20131203_03-ordination
20131203_04-ordination 20131203_05-ordination 20131203_06-ordination
20131203_07-ordination 20131203_08-ordination 20131203_09-ordination

You may view the Youtube video of this event here.

b. For novice monks/samanera ordination, the scripting and ordination process can be viewed HERE.


B. Nun/ Mae Chi Ordination/

1. Requesting for forgiveness from parents.

If parents are present in the temple- one can seek forgiveness prior to ordination as per below. Parents indicate forgiveness by touching the head their daughter followed by giving her their blessing and forgiveness.

nun-ordain-askforgiveness1 nun-ordain-askforgiveness2 nun-ordain-askforgiveness3

2. Hair shaving

The parents/guardian/ elder person may cut a little snippnet of the hair from the participant. Khun Mae or another nun would then perform the hair shaving.

hair-shaving1 hair-shaving2 hair-shaving3

View video of hair shaving of a participant.

2. Ordination would involve requesting for ordination, taking refuge and chanting of 8 precepts. You may view the ordination procedures and scripting here.



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