Bojjhanga Parittam (The Enlightenment Factors) 七觉支护卫偈

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The Enlightenment-Factors’ Protection

Bojjhaṅgo satisaṅkhāto dhammānaṁ vicayo tathā
Viriyampītipassaddhi bojjhaṅgā ca tathāpare.
The factors of enlightenment are namely : mindfulness, investigation of Dhamma (nature of things), effort, rapture, tranquillity, and then
开悟的条件即是: 念觉支,择法觉支,精进觉支,喜觉支, 轻安觉支,

Samādhupekkhabojjhaṅgā satte te sabbadassinā
Muninā sammadakkhātā bhāvitā bahulīkatā.
The enlightenment-factors of concentration and equanimity. These seven factors which the All-seeing Muni has well expounded, when developed and practiced frequently,

Saṁvattanti abhiññāya nibbānāya ca bodhiyā
Etena saccavajjena sotthi te hotu sabbadā.
bring about the Deep-knowledges, Emancipation and Enlightenment.
By the speaking of this Truth ever in safety may you be.

Ekasmiṁ samaye nātho moggallānañca kassapaṁ
Gilāne dukkhite disvā bojjhaṅge satta desayi.
At one time the Lord, having seen Ven. Moggallana and Ven. Kassapa suffering from illness, He pointed out the seven enlightenment-factors,

Te ca taṁ abhinanditvā rogā mucciṁsu taṅkhaṇe
Etena saccavajjena sotthi te hotu sabbadā.
They were delighted and at that very moment were freed from the sickness.
By the speaking of this Truth ever in safety may you be.

Ekadā dhammarājāpi gelaññenābhipīḷito
Cundattherena taññeva bhaṇāpetvāna sādaraṁ.
Once, the King of Dhamma – the Buddha himself was afflicted by sickness, then the Elder Cunda was requested to recite that very doctrine with due reverence.
曾有一次,当法王 (佛)染上了疾病,佛叫纯陀长老亲切关怀地诵出此經

Sammoditvā ca ābādhā tamhā vuṭṭhāsi ṭhānaso
Etena saccavajjena sotthi te hotu sabbadā.
Having delighted, the Lord rose up thereupon from that sickness.
By the speaking of this Truth ever in safety may you be.

Pahīnā te ca ābādhā tiṇṇannampi mahesinaṁ
Maggāhatakilesāva pattānuppattidhammataṁ.
Etena saccavajjena sotthi te hotu sabbadā.
Those diseases were abandoned by the three Great Sages, just as the defilements are destroyed by the Path, attained in accordance with the nature of Dhamma. By the speaking of this Truth ever in safety may you be.


The Story behind Bojjhanga Parittam 七觉支护卫偈

On one occasion, the Buddha was staying at Rajagaha  in the bamboo grove, the feeding ground of black squirrels. At that time, Venerable Kassapa who was living in Pippali Cave was afffected with a disease and was seriously ill. The Lord visited him and recited the Discourse on Seven Factors of Enlightenment. After the recitation the Lord gave a discourse on it. At the end, the Elder recovered from his illness.

On another occasion,Venerable Maha Moggalana was living at Vultures’ Peak and was gravely ill. So the Lord visited him. In the same way the Lord recited and taught the discourse to him. After hearing it the Venerable also recovered from his illness.

On the third occasion, The Buddha who was living in the Bamboo Grove was afflicted with a disease and suffered great pain. Then Venerable Maha Cunda approached the Lord, paid respect to Him and took care of him. The Lord requested the Elder Cunda to recite the Seven Factors of Enlightenment as usual.

Then the Lord recovered from all the illness.

This Sutta is normally used for protection against sickness. It is found in Bojjhanga Sutta, MahavaggaSamyutta Nikaya.

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