Chanting Blessing

As monks/novices/nuns, you would receive offerings from lay persons. Upon receiving the offerings, the blessing (anumodana) is chanted. This is chanted during offering of meals, food, requisites and during almsround.

Another way of beginning the Anumodanā which is common

Sabbarogavinimutto sabbasantāpavajjito
May you be freed from all diseases, may all distresses be averted,

Sabbaveramatikkanto nibbuto ca tuvaṁ bhava
May you overcome all enmity and be liberated.

Sabbītiyo vivajjantu sabbarogo vinassatu
May all distress be averted, may all diseases be destroyed,

Mā te bhavatvantarāyo sukhī dīghāyuko bhava
May you never meet with dangers, may you be happy and live long.

Abhivādanasīlissa niccaṁ vuḍḍhāpacāyino
For those who are respectful, who always honour the elders

Cattāro dhammā vaḍḍhanti āyu vaṇṇo sukhaṁ balaṁ.
Four are the qualities which will increase : long life, beauty, happiness
and strength.
那个人(他)将获得四种法(福报) ,那即是寿命增长(寿) ,
肤色美好(貌) ,内心安乐(乐) ,身体健康(力) 。


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