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Read also the Commentary on Tirokuddanakanda Suttam which  explains the significance of transferring merits

Transcript of the chant:

Adāsi me akāsi me, Ñāti-mittā sakhā ca me
Petānaṃ dakkhiṇaṃ dajjā, pubbe katam-anussaraṃ
 ‘He gave to me, he worked for me, he was my kin, friend, itimate’.
  give gifts, then for departed ones, recalling what they used to do.

Na hi ruṇṇaṃ vā soko vā, Yā vaññā paridevanā
  No weeping, nor yet sorrowing, nor any kind of mourning, aids

Na taṃ petānam-atthāya, evaṃ tiṭṭhanti ñātayo
  departed ones whose kin remain (unhelpful to them acting thus)

*Ayañca kho dakkhiṇā dinnā, saṅghamhi supatiṭṭhitā
  But when this offering is given in the Sangha well-established

Dīgha-rattaṃ hitāyassa, thānaso upakappati
  for them, then it can serve them long in future and at once as well

So ñāti-dhammo ca ayaṃ nidassito,
  The Dhamma for relatives has thus been shown

petāna-pūjā ca katā uḷārā
   how high honour to departed ones is done

Balañca bhikkhūnam-anuppadinnaṃ,
   how the bhikkus can be given strength as well,

tumhehi puññaṃ pasutaṃ anappakanti.
   how great merit can be stored away by you.

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