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Here is some snapshot around Samadhidhammaram Centre:

The photo taken early in the morning. Khun Mae often worked alongside the workers to build and add in more sleeping area. Previously when we visited in June 2012, the structure was very basic. By October, the kitchen, toilets (about 7 toilets with bathroom facilities) and sleeping quarters have been built. According to other nuns, she would work from early morning till late at night- even long after the workers have finished for the day.

The Buddha statue successfully placed in Samadhidhammaram Centre on 24 October 2012. Behind the Buddha statue is Phra Malai statue (Phra Malai is a disciple of the Buddha):

Above is the kitchen. And there is a seating place in the kitchen for people to meet and have tea in the afternoon and discuss about the Dhamma:

Below are the one of the sleeping quarters:

Khun Mae had installed air condition on all the rooms except for one room- for those who may not be accustomed to air condition. Except for year end, the weather can be quite hot and she understand that some visitors may not be used to the heat and climate.


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