Buddha in Shrine Hall

The Installation of the Buddha statue in Samadhidhammaram Centre would not have been possible through the faith and generousity of all. It had been a huge feat- and Khun Mae would always be grateful to all.

Most events from 2012  onwards have been held at Samathidhammaram Centre.

Message from Khun Mae  in June 2012:


Khun Mae would like to thank all her followers- those who came as well as those who did not manage to make it during the Opening of Samathidhammaram Centre & temporary ordination held in June 2012. For those who did not make it, may you all accept the merits from helping Khun Mae to build the temple.
She felt very encouraged and touched to see those who have participated in the Opening Ceremony, undergoing temporary ordination or observing the precepts as well as practicing chanting and meditation. Even those who were not physically present had encouraged her though their thoughts and hearts and some have donated towards making the event a success.
Khun Mae is sincerely grateful to all her followers from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, United States who have been kind to help her till she is able to successfully establish Samathidhammaram Centre in Samut Sakhon and enable some to undergo temporary ordination and experience the ordained life.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu anomodami

สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ อะนุโมทามิ

萨突 萨突  萨突 啊怒莫塔弥


Chronology of Events:

On 23 October 2012, male followers assisted to lay down the golden leaves on the lotus foundation where the Buddha is to be seated on- they worked till late at night to help to complete the arrangements:

Shrine hall before the installation of the Buddha statue Male followers working late at night to arrange the golden leafs The golden leafs arranged at the base where the Buddha statue would be seated on

The next day, on 24 October 2012 (24 ต.ค. 2555), the Golden Buddha statue measuring 365cm (h) x 240cm (w) x 138cm (d) was installed succcessfully. The statue itself weighed over 1000kg – with faith and unity, both followers and helpers from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia were able to carry the Buddha Statue from the vechicle to the lotus base:

Male followers helping to move the Buddha statue to the Shrine Hall Male followers helping to move the Buddha statue to the Shrine Hall Male followers helping to move the Buddha statue to the Shrine Hall Male followers helping to move the Buddha statue to the Shrine Hall

Group photos of some who have attended the installation:

Group photo during Buddha Installation in 2012

During December 2012, 4 persons from Sabah came to undergo temporary ordination as novices:

Buddha statue in December 2012:

09-Dec12 11-Dec1210-Dec12

Buddha statue in December 2012:

Buddha statue (Dec 12)

Phra Malai seated behind the Buddha:


Buddha statue in May 2013 (additional lights were added on top):



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