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People ask how one can achieve enlightenment- it is one can achieve firm mindfulness through meditation and our practice, then one’s heart can rise above all. Heart can overcome and control our emotions and feelings, instead of letting emotions overcome us, leading to unwholesomeness. Whatever we do, we have reasoning and pure discernment. The meaning of “Samathidhammaram” is as thus.

Well, our goal is to lead towards ending of dukkha, but how do we get there? Sati (firm mindfulness) and panna (wisdom) are our ‘tickets’ or means to arrive at our destination.


Khun Mae had recommended the definition below, taken from the book A Constitution for Living, written by Phraphom Khunaphon (P.A Payutto) page 23:

Sati: having firm mindfulness; he remembers and is mindful: he recollects what he has done and said that what he needs to do in the future; he is circumspect and restrained with whatever he does, not rushed, sloppy, absentminded or reckless; he does not allow himself to slide into wrongful ways or fail to seize an opportunity to do good.

Paññā: putting head over heart: he has the wisdom to see causes and results; he knows right from wrong, benefit from harm and what is useful from what is not; he sees all things as they are; he knows how to examine and judge with a free mind; he does things with reflection and discernment.

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