Dhamma Wheel and Naga Statue

Khun Mae had planned to build a proper statue of the Dhamma Wheel and Naga to be located in front of Buddha Siklah hall in Samnak Wimuthidhammaram, Lampang.

Khun Mae expressed thanks to donors who have constributed towards building the Dhamma Wheel and Naga.
She would like to share the completed pictures with all. Especially for those who have not seen the finished look of the statues.

Click on the photos below to enlarge it:

Above: The picture was taken in 2010 where the Dhamma Wheel and Naga statue were made of polysterene and coloured in gold.
Due to the fragile nature, the structure was easily damaged and could not withstand the elements (rain, sunshine, wind).

Above: The stuco statues of the Dhamma Wheel and Naga have been built but not coloured yet.

Dhamma Wheel- before
Dhamma Wheel- current



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