Dec 2012

Ordination 4 Dec 12- Morning Pindapat at School

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination On 4 December 2012, after morning chanting, we were prepared to another round of pindapat- but to our surprised, we were being brought to a school. When we arrived at the school, there were many schoolchildren, waiting with their teachers to give offering to monks. They were [...]

December 2012 Ordination 短期出家

Back to Events Date: December 2012 Location: Samathidhammaram Centre, Samut Sakhon บ้านปฏิบัติธรรมสมาธิธรรมาราม, สมุทรสาคร  & Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Program & Event: 2 December 2012- Hair Shaving and Ordination Ceremony 3 December 2012- Morning Almsround (Pindapat) 4 December 2012- Morning Almsround (Pindapat) at a School 5 December 2012- Night Chanting 6 December 2012- Group [...]