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Why my luck does not change even though I always practice animal liberation

The photos were taken on 20 May 2019 during Wesak 2019 Short Term ordination event where over 100 life frogs were purchased from the market to be released by the monks and lay preceptors. Buying and releasing live animals There was once a lady who questioned the benefit of liberating animals. Having spent a substantial [...]

Advise to those struggling with their practice

Khun Mae mentioned it is very important to have is patience and endurance to achieve sila, samadhi and panna. Below is her advise: Dhamma sharing for one’s practice is that one practices patience. The reason one practices patience is to be able to watch and control ones emotions. Emotions that arise from greed, lust, hatred [...]

Managing pain and illness with equanimity and the breath

When it comes to hardship, pain and illness, it is something that Khun Mae is well familiar which she faces with equanimity. Many people have sought advise from her and many times, she is able to offer advise that soothe their hearts as she spoke with compassion and understanding having personally gone through challenges and [...]

Does a donor who donate through someone gets the merit?

Usually, it is a custom whereby when we pass donation of any kind (requisites, money) directly to monks and nuns, they would chant transference of merits to us. Sometimes, there would be someone who asked around his or her friends and later pass the donations over to Khun Mae. Some of the donors have not [...]

Transferance of Merits to Others

Back to Dhamma Sharing Those who know Khun Mae would know that we are often encouraged to do good and to transfer merits (回向功德) to our parents, guardian beings, kammic debtors and others who are in need. To recall all the past and present good deeds being done and to transfer to the person. It’s [...]

The Profound Effect of Simple Practice

Back to Dhamma Sharing When met with Khun Mae, she would often encourage people to take the opportunity to wear white and observe the 8 precepts or if possible, to go for ordination (temporary for those with family commitments). She always had extended an open invitation- because the wholesome act would help us when it [...]

Benefits of Ordination

Back to Dhamma Sharing Short and informal advice by Khun Mae on benefits of ordination (Transcribed based on an informal talk in Mandarin given by Khun Mae in Singapore on Tuesday 5 July 2011 to Siew Lan’s family) Part 1 If we have the opportunity to undergo ordination, we should do so as gratitude to our parents. We recall the [...]

The story of a lady with cancer and got well despite the odds

Back to Dhamma Sharing It was 27 February 2009 and we were due to fly to Bangkok from Singapore the next day. Khun Mae was at the home of a Thai devotee who had been staying in Singapore for many years. We were all about to leave when there was a distress call from a [...]

Before we judge others, look at our own hearts

Back to Dhamma Sharing Khun Mae said that if we can practice patience successfully and endure at one place, then we have endurance anywhere we go. If we cannot stay at one place because of conflict, then everywhere we go we would encounter conflict. People are similar everywhere- therefore wherever we go we would also [...]

Merits are real, even though they cannot be seen

Back to Dhamma Sharing Khun Mae said that we need to have faith and belief that all good things we do would bear fruits. For instance, if we made a donation to built a kuti, we cannot see the merits directly…we can only see the kuti. But the merits we have earned is real- even [...]