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The Cave- Rains Retreat 2011

During the rains retreat (vassa) in 2011, Khun Mae stayed in the Cave and build a simple structure to house the kitchen. Usually during the vassa, the river water would be high- as it rains and the accumulated water from the mountains above gushed down in the river. Crossing the river would require some degree [...]

PhotoGallery and Writeup of Wesak 2011

Following were the sequence of events held for Wesak 2011 in Samnak: Original Writeup (Before the event) Photos taken from the event are as follows (click on the photo to access) 15 May 2011-Before Wesak 16 May 2011- Ordination by Luang Phor 17 May 2011 Wesak Day: Morning Pindapat (Almsround) 17 May 2011 Wesak Day: [...]

Wesak 27 May 2010-flowers

Back to PhotoGallery Morning of Wesak 2010 (27 May 2010) (Please click to enlarge photo)   <<Previous Preparation on 26 May 2010 Next>> 27 May 2010- Blessing Event

Preparation Wesak 2010

Back to PhotoGallery Below are preparation done through the help of Khun Mae’s followers who worked hard, some throughout the night to complete the decorations and arrangements.     The moon that night was exceptionally beautiful- there was a clear halo on the moon which could not be captured effectively on film but was witnessed [...]

Blessing Service on 27 May 2010

Back to PhotoGallery To commensurate the 10 year anniversary of Samnak, a series of events was being held. On 27 May 2010 (Wesak eve), a special blessing service was held: We started with the early morning chanting before dawn: The District Head officiate the initial ceremony: The special chanting lasted for few hours- to invite [...]