Short Term Ordination

December 2013 Ordination and Across 3 Temples 短期出家

You are at PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ > Photos of December 2013 Ordination Event In the December 2013 (ธ.ค. 2556), temporary ordination was held in Khun Mae’s temple in Thailand. This time, it involves travelling to all of Khun Mae’s 3 temples in Thailand located in Bangkok, Lampang and Mae Hong Son. You may view the program written before the [...]

Ordination 6 Dec 12- Trip to Lampang

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination From the temple, we went to Mocchit Bus station where we proceed to take the bus to Lampang (bus ticket is bought to Phayao and Khun Mae would request the bus to drop us halfway at Ban Pong Tao). We travelled using Sombat Tour- overnight bus that [...]

Ordination- 6 Dec 12- Group Photos

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination We would be departing to Samnak Wimuttidhammaram in Lampang during night time and therefore we took some group photos before leaving.               The carvings on the lotus base have been almost complete. <<<Previous Night Chanting Next>>> Trip to Lampang (Samnak Wimuthidhammaram)

Ordination 5 Dec 12- Night Chanting

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination On 5 December 2012, we did a more extensive chanting which includes chanting the Virtues of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha (you can view the script from the previous event held) for 108 times. Night chanting. We complete the chanting at about 2am. <<<Previous Morning Almsround (Pindapat) at [...]

Ordination 4 Dec 12- Morning Pindapat at School

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination On 4 December 2012, after morning chanting, we were prepared to another round of pindapat- but to our surprised, we were being brought to a school. When we arrived at the school, there were many schoolchildren, waiting with their teachers to give offering to monks. They were [...]

Ordination 3 Dec 12- Pindapat Almsround

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination On 3 December 2012, the novices undergo their first time of almsround (pindapat).  After morning chanting, we proceed to Wat Klong Tan, located near Samadhidhammaram for pindapat. Note: The time captured in the camera is in Malaysian time. Thai time is 1 hour behind. The nearby temple [...]

December 2012 Ordination 短期出家

You are at PhotoGallery> Ordination December 2012 Date: December 2012 Location: Samathidhammaram Centre, Samut Sakhon บ้านปฏิบัติธรรมสมาธิธรรมาราม, สมุทรสาคร  & Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Program & Event: Original Writeup of the Event 2 December 2012- Hair Shaving and Ordination Ceremony 3 December 2012- Morning Almsround (Pindapat) 4 December 2012- Morning Almsround (Pindapat) at a School [...]

Ordination Dec 2012- Ordination Ceremony

Back to Main Page: December 2012 Temporary Ordination The ordination ceremony was held on 2 December 2012. Earlier, the 4 participating novices have shaved off their hair. The robes below are offerings to the new novices:   The guardian presenting the robes to each novice. Luang Phor came to perform the ordination ceremony. Above: The [...]

Short Term Ordination December 2011

Short Term Ordination (短期出家) Duration:  4 – 14 December 2011 Update @ Dec 2011: View the photos of the ordination here Samnak will be organizing a short term ordination and observation of eight precepts (both male and female adult and children) View past Short Term Ordination photos and writeups:   May 2011  December 2010  May 2010  A guide on the 75 Monastic [...]

Testimonial on the experience of Short Term Ordination

Click to view more photos and experience. The following testimonial and photos were contributed by Xiao Yan, a mother and a participant of the Temporary Ordination held in Samnak (December 2010). Thanks Xiao Yan. My initial purpose was to get my boys to be independent and responsible. As a modern and typical Singaporean, I was very [...]