Wesak 2011

Dhamma Sharing by Novices

You are at PhotoGallery> Wesak 2011 (Please click to enlarge photo) There is suffering in our everyday life. As we grow old, we have suffering. Because we tend to have attachment to money, we also suffer. We also suffer as death approaches  as we cannot bear to part with those we love. (note: apologies as [...]

PhotoGallery and Writeup of Wesak 2011

Following were the sequence of events held for Wesak 2011 in Samnak: Original Writeup (Before the event) Photos taken from the event are as follows (click on the photo to access) 15 May 2011-Before Wesak 16 May 2011- Ordination by Luang Phor 17 May 2011 Wesak Day: Morning Pindapat (Almsround) 17 May 2011 Wesak Day: [...]