Samnakpattibattham Thongkhamnimitdhammaram

Aside from Samnak Wimuttidhammaram temple located in Amphor Ngao, there is also another meditation place located in Ban Non Heng (บ้ๅนหนองเเห้ง) near Mae Hong Son(เเม่ฮ่องสอน) that is set up by Khun Mae known as  Samnakpattibattham Thongkhamnimitdhammaram (สํๅนัก ปฏฺบัติธรรม ทองคํๅนิมิตธรรมๅรๅม)Content:

 cavetemple-01 cavetemple-05 TheCave1
TheCave2 TheCave3 cavetemple-15
cavetemple-11 cavetemple-13 cavetemple-07
cavetemple-10 cavetemple-06 cavetemple-09


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