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If you would like to stay in the cave, please make prior arrangements by contacting Samnak so that preparations can be made.

From the Chiang Mai Bus Station (Arcade), purchase a bus ticket to Mae Hong Son (buy via counter located near lane 13). Tell the counter staff that you would like to get down at Ban Non Heang (where the hot water spring and school is located).

Try to get the bus ticket at 9am or 11am so that you reach there before dark (the journey takes about 6 to 7 hours).

The address of the cave:

Samnak Pattibat Tham Thong Kham Nimit Dhammaram

114, Moo Ban 9, Ban Non Heang

Tambon Meng Bon

Amphor Khun Yuarm

Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Location of the Cave:

  • 26 km from Khun Yuarm (if you are coming from Mae Saliang direction)
  • 41 km from Mae Lanoi
  • 71 km from Mae Saliang (the bus that you are taking will stop at Mae Saliang first- once the bus stops at Mae Saliang, it would take about a hour to reach Ban Non Heang)
  • 93 km from Mae Hong Son (that’s why, even though you buy the bus ticket to Mae Hong Son, you would need to get down at Ban Non Heang which is 93km before reaching Mae Hong Son)

When you get down, look for this road sign Ban Non Heang Hot Spring and turn in towards the road there:


Once you turn in, just go straight- you will be walking along a tar road with the homes of villagers. About 15 to 20 minutes walk, you will see the hot spring, located on your left:


At the point of time where the photo is taken, construction is going on for a resort- the smoke  that you see on the picture above is due to the hot springs.


 As you walk on, you willsee fields on your left.

Above: Towards the end, you will see a small structure (the one with the roof as per picture above). Once you pass the structure, you will see a river. After you cross the river, you will reach the Cave.

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