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Aside from Samnak Wimuttidhammaram temple located in Amphor Ngao, there is also another meditation place located in Ban Non Heng near Mae Hong Son that is set up by Khun Mae:

Samnakpattibattham Thongkhamnimitdhammaram

114, Moo Ban 9, Ban Non Heang

Tambon Meng Bon

Amphor Khun Yuam

Mae Hong Son, 58140 Thailand

อุบๅสิกๅ เมทิกๅ เดชะบุญญรัตน้
สํๅนัก ปฏฺบัติธรรม ทองคํๅนิมิตธรรมๅรๅม
114 หมู่ทิ 9 บ้ๅนหนองเเห้ง ดํๅบลเมืองปอน
อํๅเฦอขุนยว จังหวัดเเม่ฮ่องสอน 58140


Address in Thai language



About 17 years ago, Khun Mae spent her vassa (rains retreat) in this cave located in Ban Non Heng, Mae Hong Son. During that time, she was undergoing ascetic practice where she stayed in caves, cemetries and forest.

Eventually, Khun Mae was invited to set up her own monastery, Samnak Wimuttidhammaram was then established.

After so many years, Khun Mae happened to make the trip back to Mae Hong Son and decided to visit this place. She was informed that the place was left vacant. As the place is very contrusive for meditation place, Khun Mae inquired if she could set up a samnak (a small meditation place). She was told that she could by the Head District Officer who has compassion and wanted to help nuns.

Objective of establishing the cave

The objective to establish the place is with the hope that both local and foreigners who aspire to be able to practice in a completely natural surrounding is able to do so. The place is quite, peaceful and away from town.

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