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Khun Mae has expressed her gratitude to all for having sincerity to believe in  dana.  In making this merit with sincere faith (Saddha), to express gratitude, may this good merit be shared and dedicated to parents and ancestors.

By this good deed that you have performed, may you be a model role to your children for them to understand your good deed, that is you all have sincerely showed gratitude to your parents, to your ancestors. Thus, you all be protected by this good merit.

To those who are attending, To those  who are unable to attend, To those  who have offered dana, and To those – who have no chance to dana,

For those who offer dana, may you rejoice in the merits.  Even if you do not have the opportunity to dana, you may rejoice with the donors by folding your palms together, you too will gain good merit.

The importance is you sincerely believe with faith and by doing good, you too  can gain good merits.

Ref Donors List Description
A Dana   to Invited Monks(Last version: Version 9 updated on 13 May 2013 at 8.45pm) Please refer this page for more information. The listing  contains those who contributed to SGD150/ RM320 towards the cost of   requisites and offerings.Appreciate if you can counter check your name to ensure it is   spelled correctly. Do refer to the website to ensure you are viewing the most recent list. Thanks.
B Dana   towards cost of road building  Last update 13 May 2013 @ 8.45pm
C Dana   towards fireworks Estimation per item SGD45, MYR100.

Last update 13 May 2013 @ 8.45pm

D Dana towards kuti, toilet, etc To be uploaded once available
E Dana   towards incense burner Size of incense burner is 60cm, height 152cm and weigh 2000kg including the stand.  It is made of stone and imported from China.incense-urn
If you would like to contribute to help out the temple, you may dana to
Khun Mae, while the donation will be arranged by Khun Mae to allocate to  all expenses for this up coming temporary ordination in conjuction with Wesak.

The balance of all donations received from all of you will be allocated to
build kuti, kitchen, toilet and building of road to the temple.  This
will create convenience to all of you to come to practice, and to pay
respect to the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) and may this too be a support for you to have smooth journey to the spiritual path.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Note: Should you require further clarification, you may drop a comment at the comment box below or email directly to yteing@yahoo.com . Your comment would not be published and we would get back to you with your inquiries.

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